Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Truth about Kanorism

Kanorism - is an epic English word emerging from the present occurrence of things in connection with the sexuality and manner of each individual being, behavior, or to any toward incidents of person regardless of age and gender.

It is believed that the word itself was coined to a real person's name called mang "Kanor" who had several sexual and scandalous videos with a minor teenage girl in 2007. If you Google it, you can find it easily, it's widely used search word on a search engine, i guess most SEO professionals includes their back-linking that connotes to it, to get easy web optimization. However, their are several factors that "Kanorism" is totally dysfunctional term used as to some extent. 

The sole person who is the main superstar of Kanorism where the word itself extracted to its existence, is still alive but to the vast majority unaware that the guy is still doing the same thing - the Kanorism system. Since the accused were not serving the jail term as it had to be. The person himself were still busy prof-ligating his scandalous art work. 

After the short scene of hearing in the court and because it fails to serve justice, the freedom once enjoyed and now wandering in the world for one mind in purpose the KANORISM.

He travels from Western to Eastern countries where the "Kanorism" branches he established needs more nurturing then more offshoots from this developing system might become the trend in the young generation and not just only a term. 

The above photo was taken lately during the Kanorism Bloc party in Macau. I was one them, not long after to find out that the guy who is a friend of mine was the right hand of Mang Kanor. 

We were there for the party not knowing whats the underground behind the party i thought it was just a simple party but to my surprised it was indeed a party of underground movement that involves "Kanorism" from West to East. 

 I thought that the incident in a scandalous videos has just ended in the court, but i was wrong, it seems like "Kanorism bloc" has got it's waves of influence, it's already a disease, a gang that targets the simple and innocent but consensual victims.

The world is totally dark full of undergrounds, evil, bad people, people who thinks they are master over others existence, people who manipulate the weak, the innocent, and ignorant. I'm still in dilemma if i continue to spy out this movement as my friend tries to entice to join. I once said i would just be an observant in all your gatherings, as he agreed to it, so we disclosed the deal.

For now, I will continue to update you to this movement, their gatherings, plans and agenda.
I hope this blog wont caught yet the attention of whom i called " The accused But Free " - Mang Kanor.